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The Crystalline Waters

A New Encoding Pattern Exploration

A Lightbody Activation Process from the Esoteric Acupuncture Template for personal and practitioner development.

Calling Healers, Seekers, and Lightworkers!

Join us for an immersive and transformative experience designed to elevate your existing practice and deepen your understanding of energetic healing. The “Crystalline Waters” New Encoding Pattern, rooted in and expanding upon the groundbreaking work of Dr Mikio Sankey (PhD LAc), offers a unique opportunity to support yourself and your clients through the change process, and facilitate the “great shift” within.


Unlock the Possibilities of Advanced Esoteric Acupuncture

The vibration of Crystalline Waters is that of deep peace and relaxation, free from worry, concern, or limitation.  In the process of activating this pattern, an opportunity is offered to create a space to release stagnant energies and stuck patterns, heal deep-seated programming, process traumas, and foster profoundly beneficial personal shifts in consciousness.  

Though a process of creating deliberate structured movement within the human energetic field, an organising principle is able to shift static and psychic debris, and liberate this energy through a process of transmutation.   Then, a process of internal alignment takes place, offering a reinforcement of higher value systems, an expansion of the Heart Field, bringing with it greater cohesion with the finer frequencies of the New Human.

Event Details: 

Date:  Sunday 21st July 2024

Time: 10am-4pm

Location: Federal Hall – Jasper Corner
3 Federal Drive, Federal

Presented bySteven Allan Booth
(Seven Stars Lightworker Academy)

Why Attend?

Learn Advanced Techniques:

Gain insights into the “Crystalline Waters” encoding pattern, and learn how to apply advanced Esoteric Acupuncture techniques to support your own personal and spiritual development, that of your clients and enhance your practice. This will undoubtedly be the most detailed and comprehensive presentation of this New Encoding Pattern, anywhere, to date. Although this pattern has a reasonable degree of complexity (13 points, 22 pathways), it will be covered in such a way that makes it accessible to those practitioners who might be completely new to the Esoteric Acupuncture work, and yet be able to greatly advance the skills and knowledge of experienced veterans of the work. In the past, this work has been mostly contained to learning the esoteric meaning of the points, and their correct sequencing.  We will of course cover these aspects, but dive much deeper into the pattern, and approach areas never covered in detail before including:
     – Practical methods of tuning into and cultivating the finer frequencies of the Heart Field.
     – Understanding the various multidimensional geometric spins encoded within the pattern
   – How these spinning geometries interact to reorganise the energy field in a beneficial way
   – The key roles of the Sanjiao and Ministerial Fire in activating this pattern
     – Applications of applying this pattern as self-development practice, how and when to use it with clients, and even as planetary service.

Heal and Transform:

In this workshop, you will experience guided processes to release old patterns and belief systems, shift or heal stored somatic memories that might be causing limitations, allowing for profound personal transformation.   It is essential to ‘walk the talk’ as a practitioner, and as such the majority of the learning will be through experiential processes wherever possible

Connect with a Community:

Network with a vibrant community of like-minded practitioners, therapists, and healers working with the New Human Template. Share experiences, forge meaningful connections, and explore collaborative opportunities.

 Event Highlights:

Understanding Energetic Patterns:

Delve into the intricate relationships between acupuncture points, their esoteric and psychosomatic qualities, and energetic functions. Learn to harness these relationships to create powerfully healing geometric fields and a movement to a more beneficial way of being.

Processing Somatic Memory and Trauma:

Explore techniques to access and release stored somatic memories and traumas. Understand how the “Crystalline Waters” pattern can facilitate healing and transformation.  Beyond working with the core energetic (Shaoyin) axis of Love vs Fear, expansion vs contraction, this pattern harnesses the energetic properties of the San Jiao, which includes the information storage capacity of the fascia and the interstitium – the liquid crystal communication network of the human body.  In this way, we can re-pattern habituated affect, emotions, beliefs, and instead program the field to operate with a resonance that supports new ways of being.

Induced Altered States and New Perspectives:

You will experience and learn how to induce altered states of consciousness that promote profound internal shifts in mindset, offering new perspectives and innovative insights for growth and wisdom.

Practical Tools and Techniques:

Access resource materials to support your continued learning and application of this pattern.

Receive practical tools and techniques that you can immediately integrate into your healing practice, whether primarily for yourself or in a professional capacity.   This work is extremely versatile – you do not need to be an acupuncturist or use needles to benefit:  other tools can be just as (and sometimes more) effective, including acutonics/tuning forks, essential oils, vibrational medicines, crystals, the Selenite Swords of Light, focused and aware touch, or simply as a meditative practice.   



Who Should Attend?

This event is ideal for:

  • Existing practitioners of Esoteric Acupuncture looking to take their practice to the next level.  The expanded understanding and experience you will gain from this workshop will be able to inform and significantly improve the rest of your Esoteric Acupuncture practice.
  • Therapists and healers interested in energy work, including modalities such as pranic healing, acutonics, reiki, massage cranio-sacral therapy, or using the selenite swords of light. 
  • Other Lightworkers and spiritual seekers, who are already doing some kind of Inner-plane work.

Register Now!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to elevate your practice  – this workshop will be offered to only a very limited number of attendees: Secure your spot today!

  • Early Bird Discount: $432 Register by 21st of June, to receive this discount.
  • Bronze Tier $555 –  Workshop attendance, and digital course materials
  • Silver Tier $777 – Workshop attendance, and digital course materials + a full personal activation of Crystalline Waters New Encoding Pattern with the facillitator, Steven Allan Booth, in his clinical practice (total $825 value)
  • Gold Tier $888 – Workshop attendance, and digital course materials, personal activation of the pattern + a vibrational spray and resonance drops made specifically for use with the Crystalline Waters Pattern by Natasja, at Ancient Light Healing (total $1064 value)

    Payment plans available

About Seven Stars Lightworker Academy

Seven Stars Lightworker Academy is dedicated to empowering practitioners, therapists, and healers with advanced knowledge and techniques in the realm of energetic healing. Through our events and programs, we aim to deliver Lightworker Training Programs with an emphasis on the personal development of the practitioner.

In this way we hope to generate practitioners with a substantially increased adaptive coping capacity, access to greater human potentials, in order to more broadly support the evolution of consciousness both on a personal and planetary level at this unique time of rapid change.

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