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Lightworker Foundations Training – Sunshine Coast

“Spinning The Octahedron – a Lightbody Activation Process and self-cultivation tool for higher consciousness”:


1030am-430pm Sunday 28th of July

Chess Club Flow Space
Unit 4/1 Premier Cct, Warana
Sunshine Coast QLD

$185 Early Bird before 30/6
$222 General Admission
$361 when packaged with Baguazhang Unicorn Boxing on Saturday 27/7


Spinning The Octahedron – a Lightbody Activation Process and self-cultivation tool for higher consciousness

Harness the power of embodied sacred geometry for personal expansion and evolution.

An opportunity to work with the Lightbody Activation process and the embodied sacred geometries of higher consciousness.

The Taoist say that the field of Humanity sits between Heaven and Earth. As healers and lightworkers we can be of service by consciously bridging these realms.

We will cover, in detail, methods for accessing and refining the nodes of the double-pyramidal structure of the octahedron to activate and strengthen the Lightbody.  Standing qigong methods from Baguazhang will be introduced, and correlated to the energetics of the eight trigrams from the I-Ching.

This process will aid you in gaining greater control of your own energetic alignment and calibration, and assist you in developing a more detailed sense of subtle energies and field dynamics

Spinning the Octahedron is a foundational personal development practice and Lightbody Activation for Lightworkers, healers, meditators and others. In this practical workshop you will learn Lightbody Activation techniques drawn from meditation, Qigong, Baguazhang, Integral Taoism, Arcturian healing transmissions, as well as the New Encoding Patterns from Esoteric Acupuncture.

Spinning the Octahedron provides a simple method enabling you to:
* Increase your ability to sense, learn and adapt
* Increase potency of your existing healing and self-development practices
* Develop higher sensory perception, inner knowing and intuition
* Assist in easing personal and planetary shifts
* Harmonising yin/yang, and changes in the internal and external environments
* Adaptation to increasing complexity, increased coping capacity
* Maintain your field integrity, including energetic and psychic protection
* Open sacred space for healing and personal practices
* Gather, conserve and discharge specific energies    

You will also gain a direct personal experience of:
* Tuning your resonant frequencies
* Naturally access expanded states of consciousness
* Working with Selenite Swords of Light
* Techniques to open to Higher Sensory Perception
* Methods to manifest the vision of your hearts path (Shen Dao)
* Bring higher perspective to and repattern imprints from your past
* Embodied Sacred Geometry and
 Lightbody Activation
* New Encoding Patterns of Esoteric Acupuncture
* Exercises to refine and direct intention
* Solo, partnered and group exercises

The theoretical paradigm will be explored, including the basic structure, function and purpose of the Lightbody – this will then be supported with a series of direct, practical, first-hand experiences.
This is a process of connection and centering, with the intention of increasing light density by developing stronger and more numerous lines of cohesive force with the fields of the Lightbody. In this state, distortion falls away, leaving feelings of clarity and expansion, along with a deep sense of peace and inner knowing.