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Baguazhang Unicorn Boxing

Baguazhang Unicorn Boxing

from the Eight Animal-system of Baguazhang, the art of change.

1030am-430pm Saturday 27th of July

Chess Club Flow Space
Unit 4/1 Premier Cct, Warana
Sunshine Coast QLD

$185 Early Bird before 30/6
$222 General Admission
$361 when packaged with Lightworker Training on Sunday 28/7

Introduction to Baguazhang
Baguazhang is one of the three main schools of Chinese Internal Martial Arts (the others being Xingyichuan and Taijiquan). This art includes movements, strategies, postures inherited from a more martial era, embedded in a variety of forms, most often practiced around a circle. Each of the postures contains unique story, attitude, and energetic frequency.
Both a martial and self-healing art, Baguazhang can also be described as a form of embodied daoist cosmology, resonant with the I-Ching systems used for mapping patterns of change across all scales. In this way, each of the Eight Trigram Palms, and Eight Animal Methods in particular, can offer an experiential way to shift consciousness, state of mind, and patterns of behaviour.


Introduction to the Baguazhang Unicorn System of Earth Trigram Palm

The Unicorn (Qilin, or Kirin) is an expression of the Kun Trigram of the EARTH, and the qualities extreme Yin.
The Bagua Unicorn form is performed with dance-like flow.  It cultivates great stamina through dynamic movement, by maintaining inner stillness throughout.  This form replenishes the deep energy reserves, and expands the field of the mind to new possibilities.
In Chinese folklore, the Qilin/Unicorn, is a mythical creature symbolising good luck, protection, and prosperity. It is typically depicted with the body of a deer, scales like a dragon, and horse-like tail and hooves. The Qilin is known for its gentle nature, only appearing during the reign of a just and benevolent ruler, and is said to walk on clouds to avoid harming the ground. It embodies purity, peace, and spiritual wisdom.

In Baguazhang, the nature of the Unicorn is embodied through elegant, regal, graceful, and elusive movements, emphasising balance, coordination, and inner energy cultivation. It incorporates the spiritual qualities of the Qilin, promoting harmony, peace, and mental clarity.
As a fighting system, Unicorn Baguazhang is characterised classically by its ‘turning-body’ movements where sudden and elusive direction changes control all areas of the space, 
Attacking directly with front hooves, as well as kicking with rear, using head and horns with swinging momentum, hopping and leaping movements to close distance while counterattacking.
There will be opportunities to practice martial applications from the form, as much or as little as desired, but pure self-defence training is not the primary goal of this workshop.

In addition, the Unicorn healing system works upon:
– Right side of the abdomen, particularly Gall Bladder and pancreas
– Inner calm, gentleness under pressure, gracefully pivoting in life
– Cultivating yin habits, related to internal reflection, as well as dreaming
– Sense of energetic vibrancy, magnetism, and increased capacity manifestation of dreams