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We aim to deliver Lightworker Training Programs with an emphasis on the personal development of the practitioner.

In this way we hope to generate practitioners with a substantially increased adaptive coping capacity, access to greater human potentials, in order to more broadly support the evolution of consciousness both on a personal and planetary level at this unique time of rapid change.
Our courses aim to be both accessible and practical, delivering well-refined content covering esoteric, mystical and scientific topics.
The methodologies employed are based in Integral Daoism and a transpersonal world-view, and include a synthesis of ageless wisdom traditions with new technologies and emerging healing modalities, and evolving the Esoteric Acupuncture Template. 

Vision and Mission

Vision: To spearhead a global network of Lightworker Academies that serve as sanctuaries for spiritual growth, healing, and transformation, as a means of global service by fostering a deep connection to the divine and empowering individuals to awaken their inner light and highest potential.

Mission Statement: To provide comprehensive and transformative education in lightwork and spiritual healing modalities, supporting practitioners, therapists, and healers in their journey through the change process and global shift. Our mission is to cultivate a compassionate and enlightened community dedicated to the service of humanity and the planet, through the sharing of wisdom, practices, and the embodiment of divine love, light and wisdom.

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